Hall of Fame

Petra Kvitová
The story of the “Czech lioness”

Knurr Palace, Fulnek



Petra Kvitová was born in Fulnek in 1990. From her very first steps, it was obvious that tennis would be a part of her life. However, no one knew just how big and famous her story would be - not even her mother or father, who helped start it all off.

As a guest of the Petra Kvitová Hall of Fame, you will experience a taste of what it was like to travel from the courts of a picturesque Moravian town to the most famous courts in the world and win iconic tournaments. Did she go to a normal school like other children? What were her grades like? How did she balance her training with her other obligations? What about her mother, father, and her brothers? Can I make my dreams come true too?

Come to the Knurr Palace, where you can hear this story of a great tennis personality and be inspired. An exhibition of Petra Kvitová’s personal possessions and a unique collection of trophies from all the world’s most famous tournaments awaits you. Within your reach, you’ll find the Wimbledon “plate”, trophies from Dubai, the Australian Open, and many more.

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1 May to 30 September




Tuesday to Saturday

10:00 – 17:00

last tour at 16:00


10:00 – 15:00

last tour at 14:00



1 October to 30 April


Monday to Friday

10:00 – 15:00

last tour at 14:00



Booked tours


Bookings can be arranged for group tours and individuals. For booked tours, you must make arrangements in advance in writing, by phone, or by e-mail with the staff of the Fulnek Information Centre.




150 CZK


Children 6–15 years

80 CZK



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Senior citizens over 65 years, students 15–26 years (ISIC), TP, ZTP, ZTP/P + escort
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* Registration of groups in advance only by phone at +420 556 770 887 or by e-mail at mic@fulnek.cz






By train


from Prague (approx. 4 hours) / Brno (approx. 2 hours 37 min.) / Ostrava (approx. 1 hour)

Transfer at station Suchdol nad Odrou – passenger trains from Suchdol run roughly every hour. From the station Fulnek hl. nádraží, it’s about a10 min. walk, or take the bus – the stop is called “náměstí” (square).

Destination: Fulnek hl. nádraží (Fulnek main train station)


By bus


from Prague (approx. 6 hours) / Brno (approx. 3 hours) / Ostrava (approx. 1 hour)

Destination: bus stop “Fulnek, náměstí” (Fulnek square) or “Fulnek, hlavní nádraží” (Fulnek main train station).


By road


from Prague (approx. 350 km, 3.5 hours) / Brno (approx. 150 km, 1.5 hours) / Ostrava (approx. 40 km, 30 minutes)

road no. I/57 Nový Jičín, road no. I/47 Opava direction Ostrava – Olomouc

Parking is available on the square or at the Penny Market supermarket nearby. Buses are recommended to park at the football field.

Destination: Fulnek, náměstí” (Fulnek square)


By bike


Cycle route no. 6078

Kunín – Suchdol n. O. – Kletné – Jestřábí – Fulnek – Lukavec – Dol. N. Dvůr – Požaha

An attractive route that runs along the western edge of the urban area. It starts in Fulnek and covers less frequented paved roads through Požaha, Skřípov to Jakubčovice. It then continues along a paved forest road through the pleasant valley of the Raduňka river to Raduň, and then to Opava. In the Horní Nový Dvůr section, it connects to route no. 6192, and in Skřípov, it connects to route no. 6190. The surface of the cycle route is asphalt and is suitable for all types of bicycles.

Difficulty: medium

Length: 19 km


Cycle route no. 6079 – in the footsteps of J.A. Comenius

Fulnek – Vlkovice – Vítovka – Odry – Loučky

This route starts from the square in Fulnek and goes towards Moravské Vlkovice, Tošovice, and Odry. In the centre of Odry, it connects to route 503 via Vražné and Jeseník nad Odrou (at the crossroads on the outskirts of Vražné, you can turn right and ride to the birthplace of J.G. Mendel in Hynčice – a 3 km detour). After Jeseník nad Odrou, take cycle path no. 5, which leads through Bernartice nad Odrou. At the end of the village, it connects with cycle path no. 6078, which leads across the river Odra, Suchdol nad Odrou, and Kletné to Fulnek. The cycle path leads along third-class, local, and access roads. The surface is asphalt and is suitable for all types of bicycles.

Difficulty: medium

Length: 13 km


Cycle route no. 6131

Dolní Nový Dvůr – Fulnek – Suchdol n. Odrou

This route runs along third-class, local, and access roads. The surface is asphalt and paving, and is suitable for all types of bicycles.

Difficulty: medium

Markings: road

Length: 14.5 km




Městské informační centrum Fulnek

Knurrův palác

Sborová 81


+420 725 436 964

+420 556 770 887

+420 725 310 763